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Community Resource Centre

Ffurflen Cyfrandaliadau / Share Application Form

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Nifer of gyfrandaliadau £250 a dalwyd am

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Gwerth Ariannol y Cyfrandaliadau cyfan

Financial Value of all Shares paid for

Danfonwch arian, neu siec allan i :

Please enclose cash or cheque made payable to :

Canolfan Adnoddau Cymunedol Hermon

Hermon Community Resource Centre

Dychwelwch erbyn 30/09/06 i / Return by 30/09/06 to

Eric Davies – Treasurer, Annedd, Hermon, Glog, Sir Benfro. SA36 0DT.

NB – Credcer Credit Union will loan the £250 on a £8.35 a month repayment over 3 years. Call Credcer on

01239 621408 or call at No. 7 Bridge Street Cardigan (opposite the street from Quick Chip, Grovsner Hill)

Canolfan Adnoddau Cymunedol


Community Resource Centre

General Terms of Share Offer.

Please note that this is a community initiative with the objective of raising £125,000 to purchase the Hermon School Building form Pembrokeshire County Council. The council have notified us that the asking price is £120,000 and we will need approximately £5,000 to ensure we cover all legal and professional fees as well as a small reserve for insurance and initial costs.

To date we have contacted PLANED and the Wales Co-op Centre to assist with the development of a prospectus for the new shareholders group. Also the Welsh Assembly have been approached for grant assistance under the Communities Facilities Activities Programme.

The main objective now is to purchase the building and ensure that the ownership is transferred to the community as soon as possible. So to raise £125,000 we must sell 500 shares of £250.

The Wales Co-op is assisting us to create a community company with a charitable shareholding constitution. This will allow us to draw in future grant funding. So that we maximise the availability of grant funding the shares purchased will not be able to offer dividends but will allow shareholders a discount on all activities organised by the Resource Centre Committee at the site. You may purchase more than one share but the voting rights will be on a one person one vote (not one vote per share).

The Wales Co-op centre are advising that the new company be set up as an Industrial Provident Society (IPS) which will be registered with the Financial Services Authority in Canary Wharf, London. This will allow the shares to be transferable but the Resource Centre will need to approve the transfer of shares so if people need to have access to their money then they can redeem the funds.

We hope that the initial share offer will be completed by end of September 2006 and that we will have reached our goal. By this time the FSA registration will have been completed and the legal entity created and share certificated issued to the new shareholders of the Hermon Resource Centre.

Please support this community initiative to try and retain the ownership of the historic Hermon School Building for the benefit of the Community. Should you wish to discuss many matters further please contact Cris Tomos on 01239 831962 / 07974 099738

PLEASE RETURN BY 30th SEPTEMBER 2006 at the latest – the sooner the better!

NB – The voluntary board of Credcer Credit Union has agreed to a special community facilities loan agreement to anyone in the North Pembrokeshire, West Carmarthenshire and Ceredigion area who wish to have a loan to purchase one share or several shares. For a £250 loan the repayment is £8.35 a month for 36 months. The loan amount will be transferred directly to the Resource Centre Treasurer and your details recorded as a new share holder. Call Credcer on 01239 621408 or call at No. 7 Bridge Street Cardigan (opposite the street from Quick Chip, Grovsner Hill)