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Welcome to:-The independent voice of the citizens of Hermon, Y Glôg, West Wales

Hermon is a small village of about 100 households situated about 10 miles south of Cardigan, 1.8miles off the A478 at Crymych The village is in the parish of Llanfyrnach where most of the jobs were and still are to be had. The lead mines at Llanfyrnach and the slate quarry at Glogue provided reasonably well paid jobs for a few hundred years. Apart from farming the only other "large industry" is Mansel Davies, a transport company employing quite a number of "truck" drivers based at Llanfyrnach. Mansel Davies also bought the quarry at Glogue and although not selling the slates and slate slabs it was famous for does sell lorry loads of stone. Hermon appears to have spread up the road from the chapel with most houses being fairly modern. There is still some house building going on at the moment, most being on small cul-de-sacs but a few along the side of the road. The road to Crymych was built in the early 1800s across what was common land and in places was very boggy entailing a lot more expense. The boggy land was put to good use with one smallholding making a type of grease from ingredients found in the bog and also the water was pumped to the mines at Llanfyrnach. Some of the pipes are still visible alongside the road to Pentregalar and across the fields at the lower end of the village. Looking at an old map in the Public Records Office there is a "pump" marked at the site of the present Brynfa farmhouse with a claypit next to it. Some of the locals remember wells or pits in the ground which were part of these works and as children they were warned to keep well away as they were liable to collapse and were very deep.

The Preseli area of North Pembrokeshire is well known for its standing stones, Stonehenge was thought to originate from here. The stones either being moved by brute force or else by means of a glacier in the last ice age. Hermon has its own share of stones. There is a legend about a battle on Mynydd Bigni (which overlooks the village) and two Welsh Chieftons were killed. Two big stones were erected to mark their graves and they can both still be seen near to Brynmeini. The stone in the picture at the top of this page is the most accessible being next to the road, the other is in the middle of the field.

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